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Prof. Granot is applying stimuli to assess a patient’s pain modulation. The
        computer calculates the nerve conduction velocity, the speed at which nerve
        impulses travels to the brain.
        Helping pain sufferers                                         Granovsky, from Rambam’s Department of Neu-
                                                                       rology, are focused on the construction of indi-
        regain control of                                              vidual pain modulation profiles. “Pain modulation
                                                                       profiling can be used as a key predictor for pain
                                                                       onset and treatment outcomes, and may be a step
        their lives                                                    forward in providing the best possible care through
                                                                       personalized therapy in pain management,” ex-
                                                  “”                   plains Prof. Granot.

        For millions of people affected by chronic pain,               As pain is a multifaceted phenomenon, the pain
        taking control of their pain problem would be a   Everyone feels   experience varies according to several factors, in-
        dream come true.                           pain from time      cluding gender, ethnicity, personality and culture.
                                                   to time – a         “Our joint research is addressing unanswered ques-
        More than one third of Americans and 20-30% of                 tions including factors contributing to the suscep-
        the global population suffer from chronic pain –   normal sensation   tibility of individuals at risk for developing chronic
        the leading cause of long-term disability. While   signaling that   pain, those who require less pain medications, and
        the cost of medical treatment and loss of produc-  something is   those who may benefit from therapeutic interven-
        tivity to society is estimated in the billions of  wrong. Chronic   tion,” adds Prof. Yarnitsky. “It can be described as
        dollars, individual suffering is beyond measure.   pain is different.   a multi-disciplinary and multi-professional effort,”
        Conventional treatment typically involves the   Pain symptoms   adds Granot. “As part of the study, the trauma team
        prescription of pain medications, which are ef-  can persist for   at Rambam follows patients admitted to the emer-
        fective only for short durations, associated with              gency ward for whiplash injuries. Patient data, such
        various problematic side effects, and all too often,   weeks, months   as neural activity obtained from fMRI brain scans,
        lead to abuse and misuse.                  and even years.     psychophysiological assessment of pain threshold,
                                                   Over time, the      as well as personality and genetic tests, are record-
        A joint research study between the University of  condition takes   ed at a number of points during their hospital stay.
        Haifa and Rambam Health Care Campus is cur-  a grave toll on
        rently developing a new tool for the assessment   quality of life.   The project has received a major grant from the
        of individual pain regulation that may bring about             Ministry of Defense, which supports clinical re-
        a paradigm shift in pain management and reduce                 search that improves healthcare delivery affect-
        suffering for millions around the world.  Dr. Michal           ing military and veteran populations, and the
        Granot, a professor of pain studies at the Univer-             broader population.
        sity’s Cheryl Spencer Department of Nursing to-
        gether with Prof. David Yarnitsky and Dr. Yelena

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