Page 4 - New Heights Fall 2017
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“”                           is with great pleasure                         is a 2-year (intensive) BA program

                                     that we welcome
                                                                                    in selected departments of Social
                                     back students and
        Learning in          It faculty, new and re-                                Sciences and Humanities. We are
                                                                                    also launching a major flagship
        an ‘online’ and      turning, to the 2017-18 academ-                        project in Artificial Intelligence,
        ‘open world’         ic year. Both Gustavo and I have                       in  cooperation  with  Chinese
        has changed          had an eventful first year, plan-                      partners: Hangzhou Wahaha
        the rules of         ning and setting in motion our multi-campus   Group  Co  and  the  Institute  of  Automation,
        education, and       expansion plans – Israel’s first ‘multiversity’   Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASIA).
                             offering numerous academic portals in the city
        has encouraged       and throughout the North.                 In the coming year, significant steps towards
        us to rethink                                                  the inauguration of new academic faculties for
        not only ‘how’       Learning in an ‘online’ and ‘open world’ has   engineering (through a merger with ORT Braude
        we teach our         changed the rules of education, and has encour-  College), design and architecture (with NB Haifa
        students, but        aged us to rethink not only ‘how’ we teach our   School of Design) and agriculture. All three fac-
                                                                       ulties will operate in Haifa and the Galilee. We are
                             students, but also ‘what’ we teach them. The
        also ‘what’ we       rapid pace of technological change dictates that   on the cusp of building a joint Health Discovery
        teach them.          we prepare our students for nonlinear career   Tower in partnership with the Rambam Health
                             paths. We must therefore educate for lifelong   Care Campus, devoted to medical innovation
                             learning and equip them with skills to match the   and entrepreneurship, with construction slated
                             ever-changing employment and academic land-  to begin next year. Renovation and expansion
                             scape. In addition to traditional literacies, 21st   projects in the port campus are also underway,
                             century competencies will include critical and   which will allow moving a portion of the Uni-
                             creative thinking, computational literacy, col-  versity’s activities to downtown Haifa. In ad-
                             laboration, cultural awareness, communication   dition to expanding academic opportunities,
                             skills, leadership and ethics.            these changes will enhance the University’s
                                                                       activities by building robust communities in the
                             The University of Haifa’s transformative ‘multi-  city of Haifa and the entire northern region.
                             versity’ model addresses these issues by expand-
                             ing its framework to support new transdisciplinary   A flurry of building activities has kept the campus
                             research and learning. This restructuring enables   abuzz over the summer months. A number of
                             us to dismantle walls between disciplines, pro-  public spaces were renovated, the new building
                             motes academic partnerships with other research   for the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sci-
                             and higher education institutes, increases access   ences is progressing steadily, and the construc-
                             to higher education in peripheral regions, and   tion of a new Donors Garden is nearing comple-
                             advances emerging fields, such as artificial intel-  tion. Built with the generosity of Prof. Alfred
                             ligence, digital humanities, marine conservation   Tauber, Chairman of the Board of Governors, the
                             and epigenetics.                          new Donors Garden recognizes and honors our
                                                                       dedicated friends and benefactors around the
                             Starting this year, our students will be able to   world who have supported the University in re-
                             pursue a bachelor’s degree in digital humanities,   alizing its vision.
                             offered only at Haifa. Another unique program
                             being rolled out this fall for outstanding students

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