Page 8 - New Heights Fall 2017
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With good management,

                                    universal healthcare systems

                                                   can be ‘enough’

                             Rapidly advancing medical technologies, aging   Dr. Shuli Brammli, Head of the Health Systems
                             populations, higher mortality rates and growing   Management Department at the University of
                             crisis of chronic illnesses have resulted in increased   Haifa’s School of Public Health. “These cost-
                             government spending on public health. Although   effective strategies will not only improve delivery
                             Israel boasts one of the most advanced universal   of patient care, but help eliminate socioeconom-
                             health systems in the world, private spending on   ic health disparities.”
                             supplementary medical coverage is on the rise
                             – a sign that Israelis’ healthcare needs are not   Dr. Brammli is currently partnering with Prof. Ziv
                             being adequately met.                     Gil to lead a nationwide transformation in public
                                                                       health policy management that will strengthen
                             Israel’s highly ranked healthcare system contin-  healthcare services accessibility. Prof. Gil is the
                             ues to grapple with the constraints of cost, access   Director of the Department of Otolaryngology
                             and quality. A team of researchers at the Univer-  Head and Neck Surgery at Rambam and a profes-
                             sity of Haifa and Rambam Health Care Campus   sor at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology’s
                             are spearheading innovative research that focuses   Faculty of Medicine.
                             on cost-effective management strategies as the
                             key to better healthcare delivery. “There are prac-  The proposed policy shift will address some of the
                             tical ways to improve the quality of Israel’s uni-  shortcomings within the health system that are
                             versal healthcare without increasing public   currently being paid privately by patients.
                             spending or out-of-pocket expenses” explains

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