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Dr. Shuli Brammli of the University of Haifa’s School of Public Health (left) and
                                Prof. Ziv Gil, Director of the Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
                                at Rambam and Head of the Applied Cancer Research Laboratory of the Technion.

           “”                   The inability to choose doctors or surgeons and   Brammli and Gil are currently conducting a com-
                                extended waiting times for surgeries, are some
                                                                         prehensive study to assess the practices put in place
                                                                         in two departments at Rambam.  The team plans
                                of the acute needs not being met under the
           Medical              current system.                          to further develop management models and meet
                                                                         with decision-makers to present cost-effective
           schools do not       Prof. Gil recently implemented key changes   strategies for streamlining patient-centered health
           prepare doctors      within his department to initiate cost-effective   delivery within the universal system.“We believe
           to run surgical      procedures and upgrade patient services. Today,   that our models will also be applicable to advanced
                                                                         healthcare delivery systems around the world.”
                                patients can choose their surgeon, enjoy reduced
           departments.         waiting time for surgeries, and are assigned a
           - Prof. Ziv Gil      nurse case manager to coordinate patient care   Brammli and Gil are co-authoring ‘A Manual for
                                from admittance to discharge.            Mid-Level Managers in Hospitals and Clinics’, a
                                                                         hands-on guide to practical management tools
                                “We were very impressed with the improved level   and techniques for hospital department heads,
                                of care and successful patient outcomes in Dr.   written in English. “Medical school do not prepare
                                Gil’s department – a marked improvement over   doctors to run surgical departments,” notes Prof.
                                the national average,” notes Brammli. “The em-  Gil. “Our approach will prepare new managers
                                phasis on patient-centered services will become   in university hospitals for their roles as chairmen
                                the model for reshaping national health policies   and directors of services.”
                                and strategies.”
                                                                         The team’s future plans include establishing a
                                “Within one year we became the top Head and   joint center on health policy, which will seek to
                                Neck program in the country in measures of ef-  bridge research, practice and policy and better
                                ficacy and volume,” says Prof. Gil. “Our work   address major health and behavioral health issues
                                aims to improve the public health system from   of the day.
                                bottom up, using sustainable approaches to reduce
                                inequalities in access to medical care,” continues
                                Prof. Gil, “so as to ensure the best possible care
                                for all. The collaboration pools our clinical exper-
                                tise with the University two founding pillars –
                                academic excellence and commitment to social

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