Ephry is a veteran in the apartment business. In his 45 years of experience, he has developed, purchased, and operated over 30,000 apartments across North America. His vast experience in all cycles of the real estate market provides him with a unique vantage point. Ephry guides the entire team with his patriarchal wisdom, ensuring that all decisions are made with proper respect to historical data. 

Ephry Merkur, a member of the Ontario Bar and appointed Queen’s Counsel, left his legal career early on to join the Meridian Building Group. During his long tenure there, he propelled the company forward through massive expansion, managing up to 24,000 suites.


Ephry is a respected member of the Canadian Real Estate community as a developer and property manager. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Housing Management and has represented the Multi-Family Residential industry to many levels of government on a variety of issues.

In 1998, Ephry became the Founder and President of the Croft Group, directing the company in acquiring and repositioning, managing and then reselling apartment buildings in Toronto as well as in the general Southern Ontario region.

For well over a decade, Ephry has acted on behalf of third party investors as well as himself, overseeing a portfolio of multi-unit residential buildings valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In each deal, Ephry personally invests a significant share, lending confidence and security to his partners.